WA School Holidays: List of Western Australian School Holidays 2018

School Holidays WA

List of WA school holidays 2018 is shared here with the term dates. The department of education in Western Australia supervises the education in the state. The department works as a part of the government of Western Australia. The three-tier education system is followed in all the regions of the state. The tertiary education is imparted by the universities and TAFE colleges.

These school holidays are often searched for in advance by students and parents. For a longer outdoor trip in WA school holidays, advance bookings are required at many places. The spring school holidays and summer school holidays 2018 are the peak time for tourism in WA. Know the term dates, free days, and school breaks to plan your holidays. The school break is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a week’s vacation with your family.

The list of WA school holidays are for the state government schools. However, the independent or non-governmental schools follow the same module. Their holiday planner may differ very slight for a day or two in some instances. Parents can contact the respective schools to confirm their holiday dates and term dates. Our post also shares some exciting places for sight-seeing in Western Australia. The country is full of amazing landscapes and coastal beauties. A family outing is the favorite school holiday activity anywhere.

WA School Holidays

WA School Holidays List

The beginning of the academic year in WA is a bit different from other states. You can compare this academic with Victorian School holidays. The new academic year in the state begins in early February instead of January. See the precise dates for all school vacations of WA:

School Holidays WA Calendar

WA School Holidays Start Date of school holidays WA End Date of school holidays WA
Autumn break 8th April 2018, Saturday 23rd April 2018, Sunday



Summer holidays 1st July 2018, Saturday 16th July 2018, Sunday
Spring break Saturday 23 September, 2018 Sunday 8 October, 2017
Summer school holidays 15th December 2017, Friday 28th January 2018, Sunday

So was the WA school holidays calendar. Students of the year 12 will have different dates for the end of the year. The decision remains with school. In some schools, the last day of the exam is the last day of school.

Western Australia School Term Dates

Likewise other states, there are four terms during the academic year. The year begins from 1st of February in 2018. Other states start their 1st term during the last week of January month.

School Terms Date of Start Date of Finish Duration
Term 1 1st February 2018, Wednesday 7th April 2018, Friday 10 Weeks
Term 2 24th April 2018, Monday 30 June 2018, Friday 10 Weeks
Term 3 17th July 2018, Monday 22 September 2018, Friday 10 Weeks
Term 4 9 October 2017, Monday 14 December 2017, Thursday 10 Weeks

The education in WA starts with one year of pre-school. It is followed by six-years primary education for all students. The final years are year 11 and 12. Students can do the study for year 11 in a TAFE college. They can continue their school simultaneous with a vocational course or any entrance course.

Besides above WA school holidays, there will be pupil-free days. All the public holidays are free days for students and teachers in the schools.

Holidays in WA

You can very well plan your holidays in advance with the list of school holiday WA. Western Australia has a great tourist attraction. Here are some great destinations of Western Australia for good times during holidays.

  1. Kings Park
  2. The Pinnacles
  3. Cable Beach
  4. Ningaloo Coast
  5. Western Australian Museum
  6. Cape Le Grand National Park
  7. Greens Pool for beaches and camping
  8. Perth Mint
  9. Art Gallery
  10. Wave Rock
  11. Perth Zoo

There are many other places in Western Australia that you can add to your wish list for WA school holidays.

The above dates of the school holidays WA and the term dates are compiled from the official sources. Any changes made to the dates by the state education authorities will be applicable. Do remember to check the list of WA public holidays for the year.

We have also given regional WA school holidays of the Western Australia. Plan your holidays in advance for best use of your kids’ school holidays. Holidays for all other states are published on our blog holidayau.com. Stay with us for more updates on Australian holidays.

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