Victorian School Holidays 2018: List of VIC School Holidays Term Dates

Victorian School Holidays 2018

Victorian school holidays 2018 list as determined by the department of education and training of Victoria. The Victorian state department of education and training offers learning and development resources for all students in the state. Education in Victorian state follows a three-tier model.The story of this school is about when queen victoria initially came to the throne schools were for the rich.

It consists of primary schools, secondary schools-colleges, and tertiary education.  Our list of VIC school holidays and term dates will benefit all students and parents. The list contains dates of beginning and ending of all vacations and school terms. Public holidays for offices are also published at our Do refer to it to know the free days for national holidays during the year.

Victorian school holidays shared here will apply from January 2018 until December 2018. The new tertiary year in Australian states begins in January every year. The four terms begin and end at the similar time for all years except for year 12. The government schools in the state is imparting education to about two-thirds of Victorian students.The holiday can make you feel good to be prepared and have all the supplies you need.

Other students get the education in independent schools. Independent schools follow the government school holidays details as guidelines. However, there may be some variation which parents can confirm with the respective schools.

Victorian school holidays

School Holidays VIC Dates

Find the Victorian school holiday dates for all the four vacations. The longest school holiday VIC is the one after the completion of the final semester. The national holidays of Christmas, New Year, and Boxing day falls during the summer school holidays.

Victoria School Holiday Dates 2018

Victorian School Holidays 2018 Start Date  

End Date


Autumn Holidays

(term break)

1st  Apr 2018, Friday 17 Apr 2018, Monday
Winter Holidays

(semester break)


1st July 2018, Saturday 16th July 2018, Sunday
Spring Holidays

(term break)


23rd September 2018, Saturday 8th October 2017, Sunday
Summer Holidays

(year ending break)

23rd December 2017, Saturday 29th January 2018, Monday

Whether a school is independent or government, they adhere to a definite framework. With regard to term dates, schools in Victoria are based on four terms and double semester system. All schools are closed for the Australian public holidays.

The non-government schools are known as independent schools. They have the similar VIC term dates more or less. All free days during the year are same as government schools in the independent schools too.

Victorian School Holidays 2018

Holidays in Victoria

If you have not planned for any longer trip in vacations, there is a lot to delight in Victoria. Melbourne city in Victoria state makes a great place for holidaying. Melbourne is bustling with architectural marvels and art galleries. Find below some great places you can explore in your school holidays VIC. Also provided are the main attractions of the place:

Some places to visit during Victorian school holidays:

  1. Melbourne – shopping, street art, gardens, and Skydeck 88 viewpoint
  2. Phillip Island – penguins, seals | motorcycle racing
  3. Halls Gap – waterfalls, jazz, hiking, and climbing
  4. Grampians National Park – forested region, sandstone mountains
  5. Lakes Entrance- camping, surfing, fishing, visiting lakes, and beaches.
  6. Apollo Bay – musical festival, seafood, beaches, surfing, and fishing
  7. Geelong – Fishing, cycling, and beaches

The Southwest of Victoria has the most spectacular coastlines. In the further east, the state has epic forests in the form of Errinundra and mountains. The place is an adventure destination whether you want to go skiing or just for sight-seeing.

Parents can also check all the Australian public holidays for the year 2018. Our blog has listed NSW school holidays and term dates of all the Australian states. Victorian school holidays 2018 are often searched by students, parents, and teachers.

For more information, you may refer to It is an official website of Victoria state government, education, and training. Check our site for dates of all national and state holidays.

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