School Holidays 2017- 2018: Download School Holidays Calendar PDF

School Holidays 2017/ 2018

Find a complete list of school holidays 2017 / 2018 for all Australian states. A detailed calendar to follow school holidays for the year 2017- 2018. Planning holidays is quite a tough and needs a lot of advance booking. Follow the school holiday dates for schools in all the states of Australia. This post shares information on holiday dates in schools of Queensland, ACT, Victoria, and NSW. Holidays for South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory are also listed here.

Do note that the dates mentioned here are as per the state educational website. However, the dates are subject to change according to any changes made by the state school authorities. Plan your outings by following the dates and avoid last minute hassles.In our Post you should check directly with the relevant school to find out the correct term date information.

The school’s academic session begins in the month of January every year. The last term is completed in December. All the schools like NSW school holidays and QLD School holidays in Australia follow four terms and four breaks during the year. The holidays are marked after completion of each term which is generally 10 weeks long.

The summer holidays observed after completion of the academic year is the longest vacation. It comes in December and January month. Follow the dates given below. Locate your state and see the dates to plan your holidays.

school holidays 2017

List of School Holidays 2017

Your list of school holidays 2017- 2018 is here for your reference. This is a tentative time table available with us.

School Holidays 2017 – Australia

 Want to know school holidays 2017? Get the list of all school holidays 2017/ 2018 calendar of all the states like QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and many other. Make sure you download the PDF version of the holidays calendar as well.



School holidays after Term 1

Autumn Break

School holidays 2017 after Term 2

Winter Break

School holidays after Term 3

Spring Holidays

School holidays 2017 after Term 4

Summer Holidays



To From To From To From To
ACT 10th Apr 2017, Mon 25th Apr 2017, Tue 3rd July 2017, Mon 14th July 2017, Fri 25th Sep 2017, Mon 6th Oct 2017, Fri 18th Dec 2017, Mon 5th Feb 2017, Mon
QLD 1st Apr 2017 Sat 17th Apr 2017, Sun 24th Jun 2017, Sat 9th July 2017, Sun 16th Sep 2017, Sat 2nd Oct 2017, Mon 9th Dec 2017, Sat 21st Jan. 2018, Sun
Note: QLD Summer break for year 10 and 11 will be from 24th of Nov 2017. Summer break for year 12 will be from 17th Nov. 2017.


WA 8th Apr 2017 Sat 23rd Apr, 2017 Sun 1st July 2017 Sat 16th July, 2017 Sun 23rd Sep 2017, Sat 8th Oct 2017 Sun 15th Dec 2017 Fri 28th Jan 2018 Sun
SA 14th Apr 2017, Fri 30th Apr 2017 Sun 8th July 2017, Sat 23rd July 2017, Sun 30th Sep 2017, Sat 15th Oct 2017, Sun 16th Dec 2017 Fri 28th Jan 2018 Sun
TAS 14th Apr 2017, Fri 28th Apr 2017, Fri 10th July 2017 Mon 21st July 2017 Fri 2nd Oct 2017, Mon 13th Oct 2017, Fri 18th Dec 2017 Mon 6th Feb 2018, Tue
NSW 8th Apr 2017, Sat 25th Apr 2017, Tue 1st July 2017, Sat 17th July 2017, Mon 23rd Sep 2017 Sat 8th Oct 2017, Sun 16th Dec 2017 Sat 5th Feb 2018, Mon (western div.)
29th Jan 2018, Mon (eastern div.)
NT 10th Apr 2017, Mon 14th Apr 2017, Fri 26th June 2017, Mon 21st July 2017, Fri 2nd Oct 2017, Mon 6th Oct 2017, Fr 15th Dec 2017, Fri (urban schools)

18th Dec 2017, Mon (remote schools)

29th Jan 2018, Mon

You can also download school holidays 2017 calendar in a PDF format as well. We have made it simple for you so you can enjoy it easily
School holidays 2017


(1) Summer SA school holidays dates for Year 11 and 12 may differ.

(2) Above list is for governmental schools. Most of the independent and catholic schools follow the similar dates with slight variations.

What to Enjoy in 2017 Holidays?

Australia has great destinations for outings in different seasons. The Great Barrier Reef, national parks, and coasts are among the top favorite destinations in various holidays. The periods of summer holidays, autumn break and other school vacations are busy periods for Australia tourism.

Hence, it is advisable to book your tickets and accommodations at your favorite destinations in advance. The list we have shared here is for all governmental schools. Independent and catholic schools may have slightly different dates for australia public holidays. To be very precise with school holiday dates of independent schools, contact the school authorities before you plan.

Generally, the schools in all Australian states have four terms and four major breaks. Until 2013, Tasmania was the only exception with three terms. Now the structure is similar to school terms in all other states. The first school holidays coincide with Easter festival. The longest break of summer holidays have a great festive season of Christmas and New Year. But, the school holidays and term dates in all the Australian states differ slightly. Hence,

we will be bringing a list of school holidays 2017 / 2018 for all the states separately. The table given in this post will help you to know school holidays of different Australian states at a time. You will also be able to check the term dates for schools. We will also be bringing all the public holidays for you to know when the government offices will be closed during the year. Stay with us to know all dates and days of school holidays, public holidays, and Easter dates.more..

School Holidays 2017- 2018
School holidays 2017 begins in Australia from 1st April in various states. Get the calendar of school holiday 2017 in Australia's stated like QLD, NT, ACT, NSW, SA, WA, VIC ect
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