Public Holidays 2018: Know Australia Public Holiday List

Public Holidays 2018

Before the year sets in, know the dates of all public holidays 2018. All states in Australia have common national and religious holidays. However, each state individually decides when to substitute holiday falling on weekends. Some holidays are state based and followed in state only. This information comprises a complete list of public holidays 2018 dates.

Public holidays 2018 list will help you to plan your outings.You should also keep school holidays 2018 dates in mind as well if you are planning your vacation. The public holidays are observed by all the government offices as well private offices. Extra holidays are added if festivals like New Year, Boxing Day or Australia Day falls on Saturday or Sunday. The following Monday is declared as a holiday to substitute the holiday falling on weekends which are already off.

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Along with the list of public holidays 2018, we have given information on some state-specific holidays too. All states follow the national and religious holidays on New Year, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Australia Day. The Anzac day and Labour Day are other common holidays among all states. Some holidays like Melbourne Cup Day are provided on a regional basis. The sports related and cultural shows are marked with holidays for a specific region only.

National Public Holidays 2018

Find below the list of all the national and religious public holiday 2018 which are common to all the Australian states. In order to make it simple for you to keep list of public holidays 2018, there is a PDF version made available at the bottom. Do not forget to download that too.

List of National Public Holidays 2018

Following is the national public holidays 2018 list. It is common for everyone in Australia.

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year’s Day – Additional Holiday
26 Jan Thu Australia Day
14 Apr Fri Good Friday
15 Apr Sat Easter Saturday (national holiday except for Tasmania and Western Australia)
16 Apr Sun Easter Sunday (national holiday for ACT, NSW, and VIC)
17 Apr Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr Tue Anzac Day
12 Jun Mon Queen’s Birthday (national holiday except Western Australian and Queensland)
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue Boxing Day (national holiday except for South Australia)

State Based Public Holidays 2018

Here is the list of public holidays 2018 which are state specific. These holidays are restricted to one or more states. The public holiday 2018 mentioned in below list are not mandatory in all the Australian states. They are mostly substitute holidays or regional holidays related to some local event or local festival.

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Regional State Specific Public Holiday 2018

Know all regional state specific public holidays 2018 from the below table.Public holidays are also allow in school. You can check holidays of schools like NSW school holidays, Victorian school holiday, WA school holidays extra. All the states do not have the same holidays. You can check the same in the states column below. There is a PDF version available at the end of the table in case if you prefer to save a local copy of the public holiday 2018 in Australia.

Date Day States Holiday
11 Jan Wed TAS Devonport Cup (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
13 Feb Mon TAS (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
22 Feb Wed TAS Launceston Cup (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
6 Mar Mon WA Labour Day
7 Mar Tue TAS King Island Show (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
13 Mar Mon ACT Canberra Day
13 Mar Mon SA March Public Holiday
13 Mar Mon TAS Eight Hour Day
13 Mar Mon VIC Labour Day
18 Apr Tue TAS Easter Tuesday (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
5 May Fri TAS AGFEST (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
1 May Mon NT May Day
1 May Mon QLD Labour Day
5 Jun Mon WA Western Australia Day
12 Jun Mon National
(Except WA & QLD)
Queen’s Birthday
30 Jun Fri NT Borroloola Show Day
7 Jul Fri NT Alice Springs Show Day
14 Jul Fri NT Tennant Creek Show Day
21 Jul Fri NT Katherine Show Day
28 Jul Fri NT Darwin Show Day
7 Aug Mon NT Picnic Day
25 Sep Mon ACT Family and Community Day
25 Sep Mon WA Queen’s Birthday
6 Oct Fri TAS Burnie Show (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
2 Oct Mon ACT, NSW & SA Labour Day
2 Oct Mon QLD Queen’s Birthday
12 Oct Thu TAS Royal Launceston Show (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
20 Oct Fri TAS Flinders Island Show (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
26 Oct Thu TAS Royal Hobart Show (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
6 Nov Mon TAS Recreation Day (a holiday for selected regions of Tasmania)
7 Nov Tue VIC Melbourne Cup Day **
1 Dec Fri TAS Devonport Show ^
24 Dec Sun SA Christmas Eve (part public holiday 2017 from 7 PM to 12 AM)
26 Dec Tue SA Proclamation Day
31 Dec Sun SA New Year’s Eve (a part public holiday 2017 from 7 PM to 12 AM)

You can also download school holidays 2018 calendar in a PDF format as well. We have made it simple for you so you can enjoy it easily

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Besides above regular holidays, some special events and days like elections are also declared as a public holiday.

Before the New Year begins, you must be eager to know when the public holiday 2018 for the national and regional days is. The list of public holidays 2018 is important to know on which dates and days the major celebrations will fall this year. Some holidays like Labour Day and Queens Birthday fall on different dates every year. Knowing the office holiday dates in advance will enable you to plan your celebrations and outings. If you are looking to plan for outdoors during your children’s school vacations, refer to our lists of school holidays 2018. All four breaks and term dates are posted separately for each of the states. Share our list of public holidays 2018 with your friends and colleagues. Keep visiting us to know the holidays of your state and some wonderful holiday ideas for adventurous outdoors.

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