NSW School Holidays 2018: New South Wales School Terms and Holidays List

NSW School Holidays 2018

Know your NSW school holidays 2018 and dates for all four terms. The information given in this post with every details of holidays and it is pertaining to the government schools of NSW state. The school term dates in NSW are divided into dates for the western division and eastern division.

Besides the first term, other three terms have the same dates in both the divisions. The term dates for the school staff starts a day or two before than that of students. The complete calendar for NSW school holidays 2018 and term dates is shared here for you. The table given below shows all the school holidays. It includes autumn break, spring holidays, winter break, and summer holidays. The NSW school holiday calendar will help you to plan your holidays and do the bookings in advance. Also, get some exciting holiday ideas for outdoors in Australia.

NSW school holidays schedule

The NSW school holidays 2018 and term dates are given on the basis of the information declared by state authorities. In the case of any change at a later date, the same will be applicable. As of now, you can plan your tour following the school holidays NSW as given here.

Holidays in New South Wales are quite similar to the holiday dates in other states. Some variations are always noted in different states for school vacations. Hence, if your kids are studying in schools in New South Wales, you will know when you should plan your vacations and events. The independent and catholic schools do follow the term dates and holidays after the government schools. Also we shared ACT school holidays 2018 list. To be very precise, do call up the school and confirm the dates of NSW school holidays in non-governmental schools.


NSW School Holiday Dates

Here is the NSW school holiday calendar. The school holiday NSW list given here are the dates applicable for children. The teachers and other school staff may have a variation of a day or two.

NSW School Holidays 2018

NSW School Holidays 2018 From To
Autumn break (Easter holidays) 8 April 2018, Saturday 25 April 2018, Tuesday
Winter holidays 1 July 2018, Saturday 17 July 2018, Monday
School Holidays 23 September 2018, Saturday 8 October 2017, Sunday
Summer school holidays for Western Division 16 December 2017, Saturday 5 February 2018, Monday
Summer school holidays for Eastern Division 16 December 2017, Saturday 29 January 2018, Monday

NSW School Term Dates 2018

Students will be eager to know when their schools will be reopening after the vacations. When the terms start and end? When do the NSW school holidays begin with victorian school holidays? The calendar for term dates will answer all these. We have shared a list of term dates for schools of all different states. The structure of the academic year remains same for all the state schools in Australian states. Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, and all other states follow the four terms and four school holidays.

NSW School Terms From To Duration of the Term
Term 1 dates for Eastern Division Monday, 30 January 2018 Friday, 07 April 2018 10 weeks
Term 1 dates for Western Division Monday, 06 February 2018 Friday, 07 April 2018 9 weeks
Term 2 Wednesday, 26 April 2018 Friday, 30 June 2018 9 – 1/2 weeks
Term 3 Tuesday, 18 July 2018 Friday, 22 September 2018 9 – 1/2 weeks
Term 4

(students of year 12 will have different ending dates for the final term)

Monday, 09 October 2017 Friday, 15 December 2017 10 weeks

Likewise in other states, students of year 12 will finish their last term early. They attend 3 terms and have a short break before final HSC exams. The exam dates occur around mid-October.

New South Wales School Holidays Activities

The New South Wales is full of adventurous places for sports and relaxation. There is a wide range of attractions for kids including museums, zoos, and animal farms. During summer, NSW has sun, sand, surfing to enjoy at its coastline. If you love to have holidays in waters during summer, NSW is an ideal destination.

Autumn school break is yet again a great time for exploring beaches, especially on the north coast. As nature turns picturesque during autumn, you can also catch beautiful southern highlands. If you have not planned anything big, a short holiday destination can be made at NSW bushlands.

Snow sports take over the alpine region in state’s snowy mountains. Though the weather is wintry, beaches are attractive due to whales up for their annual migration. Spring break is the best time to enjoy the weather as it starts warming up after the winter is over.

Check holiday ideas to have a great vacation in other states of Australia too. We have shared school holidays for every state separately with some tips. Share our NSW school holidays 2018 with your people to plan their holidays in advance.

Since all states observe school holidays at the same time like school holidays NSW, the rush during these days is obvious. With the complete list of NSW school holiday dates ready with you, it will be easier to plan your vacations. For office holidays, refer to our post on public holidays 2018 for all states.

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