NSW Public Holidays 2018: List of Public Holidays For New South Wales

NSW Public Holidays 2018 Calendar

The pattern of public holidays in all Australian states is almost similar. NSW public holidays 2018 are decided by the state’s Public Holidays Act 2010. The holidays in each state can be categorized into three categories. The national holidays, state holidays, region-specific holidays.

The country-wide and state-wide public holidays NSW are observed all over the state. Major national holidays include Australia Day, New Year, Good Friday, Easter, and Anzac Day. Boxing Day and Queen’s Birthday are other major national holidays. The list we have shared here is for the free days in all government and private schools and offices. Holidayau.com brings a list of all holidays to help you plan your excursions well in advance.

Some sports events and cultural shows are marked with the regional holiday. Such regional holidays like Canberra Day, Melbourne Cup Day are restricted to a specific region only. In NSW, Grafton observes a half day off in honour of the Ramornie Race Day and Grafton Cup Day. All horse racing events are also a holiday in that specific region.

The list of holidays shared on our blog is based on the list as declared by the state government. Any change and additional holiday added at a later date will be applied. All the public holidays can be different depending on the state or territory you are in.

In New South Wales, the first Monday of every August month is a holiday for all the banks and financial institutions. See the complete public holidays SA and public holidays NSW calendar shared here. Download it for your records and ready reference at any time.

NSW public holidays

NSW Public Holidays  2018

Find below the complete list of NSW public holidays for the year 2018. The list includes all the free days for national and state specific holidays.

NSW Public Holidays Calendar

Public Holidays NSW 2018 Day and Date
New Year’s Day 1st January 2018, Sunday
Additional Day 2nd January 2018, Monday
Australia Day 26th January 2018, Thursday
Good Friday 14th April 2018, Friday
Easter Saturday
(the Saturday following Good Friday)
15th April 2018, Saturday
Easter Sunday 16th April 2018, Sunday
Easter Monday 17th April 2018, Monday
Anzac Day 25th April 2018, Tuesday
Queen’s Birthday 12th June 2018, Monday
Bank Holiday 7th August 2018, Monday
Labour Day 2nd October 2017, Monday
Christmas Day public holiday 25th December 2017, Monday
Boxing Day Tuesday, 26 December

Note: The Bank holiday is restricted only to the financial institutions and banks. It is observed on the first Monday of the August month.

Whenever any public holiday falls on a weekend day, the state has to declare the first following working day as a holiday. The state regulation of NSW public holidays gives 11 standard free days. The rule varies for the employees of restaurants, café, hotels and shopping malls. These places do not get free days for Easter Sundays and Easter Saturdays. The rules regarding the additional holiday being paid or unpaid remain with the state. As per rule, if a worker works on a holiday, he is paid 2-1/2 times of his pay rate.

New South Wales Holidays

If you are looking for school vacations of New South Wales public schools, do not forget to refer our post on NSW school holidays. Australia school holidays calendars help to draw out plans for shorter or longer trips. New South Wales is the state full of lustre green rainforests and marine lands. YOu can also opt for the world famous Sydney Opera House. NSW has great places for sporting and a day long trip.

No wonder, travelers arrive from far to enjoy the attractions of New South Wales. The school holidays and NSW public holiday are more or less similar to other states. People love to explore the beaches, deserts, bushlands, and outback. NSW is the most populous state in the Australia and well the most visited one.

Discover the list of all school and public holidays for Queensland, SA, and WA too. Our blog is launched to bring calendars of holidays 2018. List of all free days and school vacations are shared here and available for download. Holidays are significantly followed by working people, parents, and students.

It’s the time to get refreshment and fun for another session of hectic work or school term. If you have any query or suggestion, do contact us through the comment feature. Share us with your colleagues and inform them the list of NSW public holidays 2018. Enjoy vacations.

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