ACT School Holidays 2018: ACT Terms and School Holidays Dates and List

ACT School Holidays 2018

Information on ACT school holidays 2018 is shared here. Know the starting and finishing dates of the holidays and terms. The Australian Capital Territory is a state in the south-east of the country. The most populous city is the Canberra. ACT is one of the two self-governing territories in Australia. All parents and children search for the dates of school holidays ACT online.

The lists of all holidays including national, public, and school breaks are given here. The school holiday list here applies to all the governmental schools of the state. They are also mostly similar to the independent schools who follow the list as a guideline. Minor variations are noted in school holiday dates of non –governmental schools. .The holidays of this ACT school are little bit vary from holidays of NSW school. There are other free days for all national and regional holidays. We have published the list of public holidays of all the state of Australia. Regional holidays restricted to a specific state or city are also given.The School days are vary from school to school,so ACT school Students will need to check their School days for details.

Almost all the educational institutions in the Act are in Canberra. The education in ACT is three tier. It is categorized into pre-school, primary school, and high school. Year 11 and 12 or college are followed by education in universities. Some students also go to CIT, the Canberra Institute of Technology for further studies. It is compulsory for children to continue school till 17 years.

All the schools observe four terms during the year. ACT school holidays are vacations after completion of each semester or term. We have also shared the term dates 2018 You can get the list of free days in our separate post published for public holidays 2018.SA school holidays has little bit similar structure of holidays. to know about SA school holidays you can check out this blog.


List of School Holidays ACT

Find below the list of school holidays ACT including spring break and autumn break. Also, note the dates of winter holidays and summer holidays.

ACT School Holidays List for 2018

Let’s go through ACT school holidays 2018 first. You can also download the calendar in a PDF format as well.

ACT School Holidays 2018 Start Date Finish Date
Autumn Holidays 10th April 2018, Monday 25th April 2018, Tuesday
Winter Holidays 3rd July 2018, Monday 14th July 2018, Friday
Spring Holidays 25th September 2018, Monday 6th October 2017, Friday
Summer Holidays 18th December 2017, Monday 5th February 2018, Monday

ACT school holidays 2017

The very first autumn break falls after the finish of the first term in April. This school holidays ACT coincides with the Easter holidays. Easter holidays are also the longest weekend in most of the Australian states. The autumn ACT school holidays also comprise holiday for Anzac Day. It is also recommended that you go through the entire list of public holidays 2018 in Australia and plan your holiday accordingly.

act school holidays

ACT Term Dates 2018

Here are the dates for all the four terms to be followed in the government schools of ACT. For independent or catholic school term dates, do contact your respective school.

ACT School Terms Term Dates (from and to) Duration of the Term
Term 1 Monday 30 January – Friday 7 April 10 weeks
Term 2 Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June 10 weeks
Term 3 Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September 10 weeks
Term 4 Monday 9 October – Friday 15 December 10 weeks


The term 1 for teachers and staff of school commences from Friday, 27th April 2018. New students start their term 1 from Monday 30th January 2018. While the continuing students will start their term 1 from Tuesday, 31st January 2018.

September School Holidays

The September school holidays are the best times for outdoors in Australian states. It comprises the time before the summer arrives. It is also known as spring break which happens before the start of the final term. Find below some best destinations of Australian Capital Territory. These are some of the most popular places of ACT for an outing.

  1. Canberra – Capital city of the country and home of Parliament
  2. Wright – parks
  3. Majura – mountain biking, wines
  4. Namadgi National Park – walking, camping, hiking, and mountain biking
  5. Woden Valley – tennis, shopping, and rugby league
  6. Casey
  7. Kown
  8. Coombs

The Australian War Memorial, the Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin are some of the top rated tourist attractions of Canberra.

The free days for offices and school include major national holidays and regional holiday. Anzac Day, Christmas, New Year, Australia Day and Labour Day are the national holidays.  Canberra day is the holiday observed in Canberra city. ACT school holidays list is important for parents and kids.

The holidays are mostly followed to track the school attending days. A detailed list of all school holidays 2018 is also covered. Parents also search for the school holidays ACT for holiday bookings in advance. Also, check school holidays and term dates for other states. Follow the ACT school holidays listed here. And enjoy best times with prior planning of vacations. Wishing you all happy holidays!

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