About Us

A veteran traveler and a joyful soul. As a proud father and a caring husband, William prefers to cover his experience at holidayau.com. William’s goal is to make this blog an interactive community for people seeking guide related to traveling. Major of the guide/ articles would cover different places across Australia and New Zealand.

What to Expect from me?

Our aim is to make your traveling experience better.

  • Engage with local places like never before
  • How to be economical
  • Get ideas for your travel
  • To-do list
  • Suggestions for places
  • Equipment and backpacks required during travel
  • How to survive from disaster
  • Traveling utilities
  • Culture and diversification of every area
  • How to quickly blend in with people
  • Best places, hotels, casino, activity places to explore
  • Guides, books
  • What to buy

Of course, you will encounter few affiliate links here and there.However, we will not push it hard or shove it down your throat in order to generate more revenue. The sole purpose behind the blog is to share the experience I encounter while traveling across different sub continents and sub burbs of Australia and New Zealand.

Gallipoli has been a favorite place of mine as it is very close to my heart. My father was a close friend of a soldier and has seen the war very closely.The place reminds me of him. So I am going to be little bit biased when it comes to Gallipoli.


Australia is a land of brave souls. There are may adventure places and you can perform many activities. Skydiving, scuba diving, hot air balloon travel, super card driving, jet ski, water boating, parasailing and many other fun activities are taking place in Australia. Having enjoyed most of them, I can definitely put my review about it. It will definitely make your traveling more adventurous and fun.

Following things will be covered

  • Rally Driving
  • Supercar Driving
  • Drifting
  • Skydiving
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Zero Gravity
  • Parasailing
  • Sailing
  • Speed Boats
  • Scuba Diving

Let’s explore Australia together. I will definitely bring something new on the table. Do not miss the fun. Go ahead and subscribe to the blog. Your inputs are most welcome. Shoot me an email or contact me via contact us page from the website.